What to Expect

Items may be brought in any day of the week. There is a limit of 30 items per visit. Items can be dropped off, or sorted through while you wait if time permits. Items are to be laid flat to prevent wrinkles and must be free of any and all stains, rips, pet hair and musty or smoke smells. Items will stay on the floor for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months, all items will be offered at a 50% reduction in price for 1 more month. After this period of time, the items will either be returned to the consignor or donated as chosen on the agreement form.


    1. There are no recalls on any items being brought in
    2. Toys and equipment are clean on all surfaces
    3. Anything battery operated has working batteries installed
    4. Any and all parts and pieces are included with items
    5. Puzzles and games must be in their original boxes with game  including instructions

Items not accepted for consignment are car seats, used underwear or socks, VHS tapes, non-licenced stuffed animals, used fabric bibs, fast food toys and clothing that is out of style or season.

At the end of the consignment term, consignors will be notified once their items are ready to be picked up if they did not select donation. Consignors will then have 1 week (7 days of store operation) to pick up their items. If not picked up within that time frame, due to limited space, the items will become property of the store.

Consignors will receive 30% of the selling price. This can be paid out at any time either in cash or e-transfer, or be kept on account for future purchases. If requesting cash and the amount is over $50, please allow 24 hours notice to ensure the money is on hand. If requesting an e-transfer, a fee of $1 will apply to each transfer sent.